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Prayer Requests from Ecuador

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We asked each person we met on the streets if they had any prayer requests.  The following are those that I was able note down.  Please include these requests in your prayers:

  • 89-year old who was experiencing depression over her sister’s death. Her daughter accepted Jesus.
  • Sarah: stomach pain
  • Ronald & Samuel who were planning to rob someone for drug money.  Instead, they accepted Yeshua as their Savior.
  • Man separated from his wife – wants to be reunited to her — accepted Jesus.
  • Lady with scoliosis
  • Job for a young man
  • Christian: That he will follow through on salvation.  He agreed that he should accept the Lord, but wanted to wait.
  • Robert: That he will follow through on salvation. He also agreed that he should accept the Lord, but not right now.
  • Joseph: In the hospital in serious condition (not sure of exact condition)
  • Carmen: When we spoke w/her, she was getting ready to go see her niece in the hospital–possible still-born baby.  The outcome has probably been decided by now, but we can still pray. Because she was getting ready to leave, we simply prayed with her about the baby.  We did not determine whether she or her family have a relationship with Yeshua, so pray that they will come to Him and find strength in Him.
  • Leidy: Job for husband – she accepted the Lord. (This is not the Leidy who is part of Pastor Louis’ church where we were serving.)
  • Narcisa: Young widow who would like God’s man for her.
  • Mary: Kidney problems and her husband needs a job.
  • Walter: Needs a job
  • Alberto and his mother, both of whom need physical healing
  • Lisette: Needs to rededicate her life to Yeshua. She agreed that she should, but would not pray to do so.  (This is not the Lisette who went with Pastor Dial and I each day.  She was a witnessing tornado.)
  • Angelica: general needs
  • Marcella: health
  • Polo, Maria, and Polo Jr. Health.  Polo Jr is handicapped
  • Rosa: heart condition, is in the hospital
  • Jose: serious health concerns. His daughter, Sandra, needs to accept the Lord.
  • Bertha: Cancer
  • Roman: his family and his university studies
  • William & Miguel: Jobs, their families.
  • Guayaquil Fire Department: District Chief Ricardo Jairala, Firemen Bernardo Tejada and John Coque, that they will accept Jesus as their Savior and for their safety as they perform their job.  They appear to have reasonable good equipment, but firefighting is not the safest profession anywhere.  Pray for Goldy Rivas, their community relations officer.  I did learn that the two ambulance drivers who were on duty the evening we stopped by the station are Believers.  Pray that they will be able to share Jesus with their comrades.


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