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Vote, Vote Again, and then Vote

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Vote, Vote Again, and then Vote often!

“I can’t do that!”, you say.  “I can’t vote more than once!  It isn’t legal!”  Ah, but you can!  First, right now and daily until you cast your vote, vote by continuing to research and praying about who to vote for.  The praying is the most important part, but research is a close second!

Then go to the polls and vote!   If you haven’t voted yet, DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR DUTY!! Vote on Nov 8!  With high turnouts at early voting, the lines may even be short.  But do vote, even if you have to spend all day in line!

And then, after you vote, continue praying for the leaders who are elected.  Vote and then pray often!

  • Pray that if they are believers, they will follow Biblical principles in every area of their life, including in the performance of the duties of their office.
  • Pray that if they don’t know Yeshua as Savior and Lord, they will meet Him and then carry out their duties in a Biblical manner.
  • Pray that even if they do not come to know Yeshua, they will carry out the duties of their office according to the Biblical principles upon which our great country was founded–according to the Constitution as it was originally written.
  • Pray that leaders at all levels of government will bow in serious prayer before each and every meeting and vote.  If our silly court rulings prevent them from doing so openly during the meeting, there is nothing to stop them from gathering privately to pray.  Nor are they prevented from praying silently during meetings and voting.

So, you can vote more than once.  Some say that the only vote that counts is the one that is actually cast at the polls.  That is very true.  If you don’t vote, your opinion is not properly registered where it counts.  One vote can make a difference!  In addition, praying is also voting because your prayers affect the outcome of the votes of your elected officials.  Your prayers bring God into the picture, regardless of whether the politicians are Believers in Yeshua.

Until next time…May the LORD bless and protect you…” (Numbers 6:24-26) and May GOD have mercy on the USA!

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