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Thought for June 9, 2017

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“God calls us to serve Him, not because He needs us, but because we need Him.” (Jerry Bridges, Holiness Day by Day)  and while we should not serve Him just to receive a reward, He does reward us out of all proportion to our service.  This is what the story of the generous farmer in Matt. 20:1-16 is all about.  The farmer didn’t pay according to his own need, but according to the need of the workers he hired.  He wasn’t concerned with paying the going hourly wage rate.  He wanted to meet their need, which was to receive the wages they needed to support their families for a day.  Our Father does the same for each of us.  His concern is meeting our “needs” for the day, but not necessarily our “wants”.

Until next time…May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)



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