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Its the Little Things

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I had to share this as a word of encouragement.  So often, when we experience life’s struggles or are praying for someone and not seeing the ultimate solutions we so desire, we get discouraged and miss the “little” ways in which  Adonai is operating.

(I am not sure, but it appears that the Cressman’s may be missionaries in Africa.  Please pray for them.  I know the story is accurate because of how I received it.)

Today’s update on Isaiah Cressman

It’s the little things!!

Sometimes the big, huge, earth-shattering, Faith-testing crisis hit us and we look for the huge, instant, spontaneous act that answers our prayers. At times, God chooses to act that way, but more often (especially in my life) God loves us so much that we are shown His love, providence and intervention in a million different ‘little things’ that add up to something so much bigger.

That sums up the journey we are currently on!

  • It was the ‘littlest’ of things that started this journey—a teeny tiny mosquito (and believe me–African mosquitoes are small).
  • It was little symptoms over a course of only 2 days (headache, small fever, no energy) that led us to take him in.
  • It was one doctor intervening and taking control of his case and giving us solid medical advice, ‘just in time’. She stayed with us, prayed with us, and basically ‘lived at the hospital’ for two days helping us make the medical decisions necessary to save him.
  • It was our ‘little’ band of believers who took over the waiting room praying, singing and interceding.
  • It was the ‘over and above’ care of two doctors We had only briefly met at Flood church who monitored Isaiah ALL DAY Wednesday on top of their already impossible schedules, as well as a team of visiting doctors who all gave us the life saving advice to transport.
  • It was God putting on the medivac plane a doctor who wouldn’t quit on us or Isaiah until he was at the ‘right’ hospital (even tho it extended their already long day until 3 am)
  • It is the OUTSTANDING care Isaiah has received ever since stepping foot in Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa; from registration and check in to emergency care, stabilization, Intensive Care, the BEST doctors and nurses—the whole ball of wax!!!
  • It is the first sleep we have gotten following 3 consecutive sleepless nights.
  • It is Isaiah’s ICU nurse who spent an hour this morning explaining everything entailed in Isaiah’s condition and just sympathizing with us and loving on us.
  • It is the hundreds and hundreds of little notes, encouragements, Bible verses, comments on FB and texts telling us that 1000’s of you are lifting Isaiah and us to the throne. (Sorry it is impossible to respond to each and every one….updates will have to do for
  • now.) But believe me…each one is read and cried over as we realize how huge and connected the family of God is. All us ‘littles’ make one huge ‘big’ !!!!
  • It is the fact that Isaiah’s fever is gone and his blood pressure medicine has been reduced!!
  • It is that his kidneys have produced 2 cc’s of urine—not a lot , but we are praising Him for the ‘little ‘ things, remember?!?
  • It is the fact that, although still on a ventilator and sedated, the medical staff has been able to decrease the amount of oxygen being given so the lungs are showing the beginning stages of improvement.
  • It is standing at the foot of his bed touching and massaging his feet and feeling and seeing a physical response from him, although he is sedated.

It is the ‘little things’ friends. The little things that bind us together, hold us together, and bring us encouragement on the darkest days.

Praising Him today for The ‘Little things’ and the ‘big’ difference they all make!!!

Isaiah continues to show small signs of improvement and healing. Keep praying and know that your prayers, no matter how ‘little’, are making a huge difference in his healing and strengthen our faith daily!!!

Blessings and love to you all❤🙏🏻❤

Cindy Cressman

Until next time…May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


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