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Where is the House?

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Where is the House?

Hmmm, I was going to write a post talking about our “dedicated” House of Representatives leaving Washington during the pandemic and the need to conduct much-needed business concerning it. That maybe they were “essential workers” who needed to be in place. Then I was going to talk about how this might be a good idea because it might not be as easy for them to grab more “pork” for their big-spending supporters’ favorite projects.

However, in verifying whether they really were deserting DC during a crisis, I learned that I had misunderstood what I thought I heard. They have been gone for some time, leaving in the name of social distancing. And, now they are not returning as planned to work on the next package, and I would presume other needed items – a balanced budget would be a good one to put some real effort into.

In all fairness, some of their logic makes sense. The House is a crowded place with probably thousands of staffers, reporters, and others milling around and working in tight quarters. Even some of the members’ offices are on the small side—hard to maintain social distancing. Many of the members are elderly, even older than yours truly, and need to be extra careful. On the positive side, we all could use some “social distancing” from many of them anyway, but that is a subject for another post.

I was going to “celebrate” that, being out-of-town, they wouldn’t have as much opportunity to add to our ridiculously high, unmanageably high, national debt that we will never be able to pay off unless we print excessive amounts of extra money, which, in turn, would significantly lower the value of the dollar, which in turn… you get the idea. However, it appears that they may actually be working from home like many of the rest of our population. Of course, staying home does make it easier to campaign for re-election and at a lower drain on the ol’ campaign budget because they don’t have to travel from DC.

However, now that I know they are at least claiming to be working from home, I doubt staying at home will lessen their, shall I say “tendency” (to be nice), to add as many pork dollars as possible to every bill they pass, especially the economic relief/virus aid packages. Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of the economic relief packages as “virus aid” – are we aiding and abetting the virus?

Should they be allowed to “work from home”? In reality, absolutely! When I worked at home before finally fully retiring, I was more productive than when in the office, both work-wise and personally. Although, it seems to me that politicians being consistently truly effective may be an oxymoron. And, during an election year, this is a nice perk because, as I said, it makes it easier to campaign when they should be working.

I read that they may not fully resume operations in DC for a year – not a bad deal, for them. And it may be not such a bad deal for us if their work-at-home efforts are not as productive as they should be. Then again, that effect could be bad for us, though I’m not sure how they could “drag their heels” any more than they do in DC. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what they do if DC allows its stay-at-home order to expire May 15 as currently scheduled. What will their excuse be then?

In closing, we do have the greatest system of government that was ever created or even envisioned. I am thankful that I can write a post like this w/o fear of the Gestapo knocking at my door. However, regardless of how badly we need a change of personnel in Washington, we need to be praying for them. Many in DC are doing the Lord’s work, even within Congress. They need our prayers for wisdom and support and the non-believers need our prayers for their salvation.

Until the next time…May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom. (Numbers 6:24-26)



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