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Musings on COVID-19 #3

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Musings on COVID-19 #3

Some rambling thoughts expressing my personal opinion regarding what is occurring in the U.S., and what could be occurring behind the scenes and in the future. This post could be entitled “Control-Control-Control,” “Voice of Reason,” “Never say never,” “It Can Never Happen”, or just “Food for Thought. Take your pick after you read it…

Let me start by clarifying that this post is not intended to blatantly contradict what our authorities are doing or perpetuate conspiracy theories. (I don’t want WordPress, Facebook, or anyone else to take it down for violating their “community standards” and thus canceling out my “free speech.” :-)) I believe that our authorities and medical professionals have the best intentions and are taking action based on the best information that they have available. At least for the most part! I also want to say that I don’t put much credibility in most conspiracy theories, though they can be entertaining and some do contain a degree of truth. However, when knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals start saying some of the same things, and we see that past reliable prophecies appear to be coming true, we should pause and give some serious consideration beyond what is in front of our noses.

I also want to be clear that I am not medically trained, so I do not have the expertise to assess these “theories” from a medical point-of-view.

I think we all agree that COVID-19 is/has been a real threat and something to be taken seriously. There will be discussions, opinions, and bloviating as to whether the authorities took the correct actions for many years to come.

There have been many opinion pieces on YouTube and many other sources raising questions as to what the real story behind the pandemic is. And more are popping up daily. As a reader of mystery novels and the occasional political thriller, I find some of them intriguing, to say the least. As a sidebar, I must say that I think YouTube’s policy of removing any post that questions the actions and directions of WHO is totally off base. As a private corporation, I defend their right to block whatever content they want to block, but I think they are being, at the very least, extremely narrow-minded in this policy. It is very clear to me that WHO doesn’t have our best interests at heart. (End of sidebar.)

Originally, I was going to discuss some of the theories that have been floating through cyberspace, but that would make for a very long post. Besides, most of you have probably chased more of them than I have. There are some wild-sounding ideas out there and some well-researched ones, and some that leave you thinking, “maybe yes, maybe no.” I’m speaking of articles/videos such as:

  • Articles comparing the current pandemic to past pandemics such as the Bubonic plague in 1347-1351 and the Spanish flu in 1918 during WW1 and showing that this is nowhere as bad.
  • The interview of two Bakersfield, Calif doctors in Bakersfield by KGUYN-9 TV. YouTube may have finally given up on taking it down because many reliable sources are reposting it.
  • The video of a message by Rev. Danny Jones of Northlake Baptist Church. I don’t think he is trying to spread a weird conspiracy theory.
  • “Thoughts on the Current Crisis”, an excellent article by Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College in the March/April 2020 issue of Imprimis.
  • The articles about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s vaccination quest that could include a tracking mechanism.
  • A claim that the Cares Act – the original Act providing “survival” funds to business and all taxpayers was actually drafted Jan. 24, 2020 before the pandemic was acknowledged.
  • The viral Pandemic video by Dr. Judy Mikovits that is no longer available on YouTube
  • The video “The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket” on Facebook.
  • And on, and on

OK, I know I said I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time on the above…but, didn’t I say that I just wasn’t’ going to analyze each one?

So, what are my thoughts on all this? I’m glad you asked.  But, you’ll have to wait for the next post—Musings on COVID-19 #4

Until the next time…May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom. (Numbers 6:24-26)




  1. ralph berger says:

    I guess I missed the line that says “for 3 easy payments of $19.95 I’ll send you the link for “the rest of the story””. 😀 “God can’t give us peace and happiness apart from himself because there is no such thing.” —C.S. Lewis

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