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Musings on COVID-19 #4

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Musings on COVID-19 #4

Continued from Musings on COVID-19 #3

Some of my thoughts on all of this:

First, and most importantly, although our leaders in the US and elsewhere are touting the good job they have done, the credit doesn’t go to them alone. The credit primarily goes to the answered prayers of many believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Let us never forget that He is in control, though it may not always seem like it because it isn’t the way we want Him to do things.

I am thankful that our medical professionals and researchers have made what appear to be successful attempts to control the spread of COVID-19. However, the potential outcome of some of these measures raises questions as to whether the measures have been too much, and/or are being extended too long. To me, it seems to be getting to the point of “the cure being worse than the illness.” However, in all fairness, if the effects had been as disastrous as originally thought, the story might be different. On the other hand, I understand that there are statistics available that say “maybe we over-reacted.” However, as with all statistics, we have to remember that it is fairly easy for statisticians to make the numbers say what they want them to say. I have more concern over the long-term impact of some of these measures and those that will be put into place under the mantra of “protecting us from this happening again” or should I say the mantra of the “experts” who want to “protect us from ourselves because they are so much smarter than the average ‘Joe’”?

What is giving me pause for concern are the many ideas being floated for future prevention and protection. Ideas such as an app that tracks us and tells others whether we’ve had COVID-19 or have been/could be exposed. While conspiracy theories abound, this one is not a conspiracy theory. Many are developing such apps, and some are currently available, though I didn’t find many actual tracking apps in the Google Play store yet. One disconcerting app announcement was made by the mayor of Chicago on April 27. She announced that their app provided treatment advice and permitted individuals to get on the list to receive a vaccine when it becomes available. It might be well and good if you’re interested in getting vaccinated. The more disconcerting part of the announcement was that she said they were mapping plans to vaccinate the entire city. Planning is good, but this sounds like they are ramping up to attempt forced vaccinations, which, I believe, would be a definite violation of rights. (Refer to articles listed at the end of Musings on COVID-19 #5.)

Another idea I’ve heard floated is an ID card, or bracelet, providing information as to whether we have tested positive for the virus and/or have been vaccinated. I don’t like anything of this sort because they can be used for unintended control purposes.

What has piqued my interest are the recent reminders that respected individuals forecasted a COVID-19-like event many years ago—some “accidentally” via fictional works and some prophetically.

Author Dean Koontz eerily predicted the coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 thriller “The Eyes of Darkness.” The fictional noveltells the story of a Chinese military lab that creates a new virus to use as a biological weapon. The lab is ironically located in Wuhan, China, and the made-up virus is called Wuhan-400. I don’t think this is the only novel with a virus theme.

Another novel is the medical thriller by one of my favorite authors Lisa Harris. Port of Origin was released on 4/30/2020 and centers on an unknown virus infecting Africa and the USA. It was written before COVID-19 was known, though they did insert a mention of it just before publication.

Do these fictional books truly predict a pandemic? I don’t know, HaShem works in mysterious ways. I just find the timing interesting. This sort of timing has occurred two or three times with Joel C. Rosenberg’s novels.

However, David Wilkerson is a recognized prophet and his prophecies are not in fictional books and messages. In his book, “The Vision and Beyond”, an updated edition of his 1974 bestseller, we read today prophecies of events that were unthinkable in 1974 and 2003. I haven’t finished re-reading it but many of his prophecies read like old news headlines today. Rev. Wilkerson purportedly prophesized in a 1986 discussion and a couple of messages in later years about a pandemic similar to COVID-19 with businesses and churches being shut down. However, this cannot be verified.

I’m sure that, with some Google searching, we could find more valid, as well as many invalid prophecies and claims of prophecies regarding the current pandemic and even other happenings. But, rather than pursuing them, I’d prefer to offer some considerations on the question “What do we do now?”

I’ll cover those in Musings on COVID-19 #5, the final part of this series, which will be posted 5/29/20.

Until the next time…May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom. (Numbers 6:24-26)


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