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Mayor Baldwin, What are You Thinking?

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As of earlier today, the Mayor of Raleigh, Mary-Ann Baldwin, has no plans for instituting a curfew in view of the planned “protest” in Raleigh, NC tonight, Nov 30, 2020. The protest is named “Night of Mischief and Philadelphia Solidarity March”. The Raleigh Police Department has been handing out fliers alerting businesses and residents of the planned event, yet the Mayor, so far, is refusing to institute a curfew. I understand that business owners have requested one be instituted as of 8 pm tonight. An 8 pm curfew may not be possible, in light of the First Amendment. The march isn’t scheduled to start until 8:30 pm. However, because of the scheduled time, could the ultimate goal be anything else other than wanton destruction and looting? Don’t they require a permit? Who approved that start time?

Mayor Baldwin, your first responsibility is to protect your residents and business owners. They and the city have expended much time and money improving the downtown area and increasing downtown business traffic. Are you willing to let this all be destroyed? There needs to be a curfew, maybe 9 pm, to give the police extra authority should matters get out-of-hand, as is very likely. What would you say if all the residents and business owners stand, legally, at the edge of their property, legally armed, to protect their property? Would you spend more time going after them instead of the criminals/terrorists?

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Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


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