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Thank You Troublemakers

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Thanks to those of you who went to DC intent on causing trouble, our Constitutional process was thwarted yesterday. I can’t blame the legislators who were trying to exercise Constitutional process for giving up in frustration. (Though I wish they had stood up to you instead of caving.) If you had allowed the demonstration to remain peaceful, as the majority desired, we may have seen a different outcome. Although it may have been the same, your self-centered, childish temper tantrum insured that we will never know!!

It is sad to see and, unfortunately, we haven’t seen the last of such actions on the part of a minority, most of whom are nothing more than paid hoodlums who only want the dirty money they are receiving from those who want to destroy the USA.

I am just thankful that I know the One who is ultimately in control. All who know Him must not give up! We must firmly stand up, peacefully with His love. We must not fret over the negative actions of man. When we do, we make our God very small and He is anything but!! May God have mercy on the USA!!!

Until next time, “may God bless you and give you His Shalom.”


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