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Judging Life’s Events

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(This popped up in my Facebook Memories. It is from Jan 11, 2016. I thought it was worth reposting, given recent events).

How do you, how do I, judge the events of our lives? Do you, as I, occasionally have difficulty judging them and then responding appropriately? Do we always respond in the same manner to all difficult events?

Ecc 3 tells us that our Father, the creator of all things, has made (arranged) everything to fit perfectly in the appropriate time. However, the amount of awareness He has given us is not enough for us to fully comprehend the full impact of what He does, of what He allows to happen in the world and in our individual lives.

Do we yield to the temptation to always respond in the same way to every event? Or do we seek out the appropriate response from His Word, by His Spirit? Yeshua promises us rest if we respond with humility and faith, seeking and expecting to learn from Him (Matt 11:29).

In order to respond in faith as He expects, we should rely on His Word and His Spirit to judge each event of our lives. I think that this includes what, from our perspective, is either good or bad. If we aren’t seeking to be aware of His purpose for what He is doing in our lives, we could fall into the trap of thinking that we are blessed because we are “good” or “sin-free”, or that things are tough because we are sinning or because the enemy is attacking us. Either or both could be true, but our Father is a teacher and is always molding us and will use everything that happens for our development if we permit Him to (Rom 8:28).

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


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