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Quote of the Day

Those who side with the majority voice and not with the Word of God are always wrong and courting disaster. (D.A. Carson)

Numbers 14 is a prime example from Scripture. The current condition of the USA is also an example. For too long, followers of Messiah, the Son of God, have taken the easy, non-confrontational path, going along with the majority rather than standing for truth. We must change and change now! This applies to many areas in our lives:

  • Our politics
  • Who we vote for and why – we should always put biblical values first when marking our ballot
  • Our moral choices
  • Our work lives, giving a pass to non-biblical views and questionable practices
  • I’m sure you can think of more…

I agree that we must choose our battles carefully, but I, for one, have too often chosen the “safe” way. How about you? It is beyond time to “stand up for the truth!

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Be Prepared

In an earlier post (Musings on COFID-19 #5), I talked about the need to be prepared. I received the following link from a friend and felt it was worth sharing. This is not an attempt to instill fear. Contrary to what appears to be part of the agenda of many, that doesn’t help at all! I firmly believe that the Lord will take care of His own in all situations. Now, that doesn’t’ mean that we won’t’ suffer hardship. I also believe that He expects us to be aware of the times and use common sense.

Should be get carried away in stockpiling, No! But we do need to have more than then common 3-day hurricane box of supplies. COVID-19 showed us that need. We also need to have our financial house in order. As many have no doubt found out during the COVID shutdown, food and necessities such as toilet paper can be hard to obtain and any level of debt is unmanageable when your income is reduced or there is no income at all. The US government is not obligated to keep food on our tables and our utilities running. They have attempted to help, but they can only print so much money before everything collapses around them (and us)! This would be disastrous for all of us, except maybe those who want to destroy America and turn us into a dictatorship.

Of course, the primary preparedness item is to ensure your relationship with the Lord through salvation in Yeshua is secure and that you’re seeking to follow Him in everything.

Reflect on how this famous passage from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” relates to what is happening in the USA, and around the world today, and then read the linked article in which it is quoted: “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.”

Other great minds in our history have said much the same thing, including one or more of our Founding Fathers.

The complete article by Patricia Lewis is entitled Something’s coming, folks – and we must become ‘self-dependent’

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


Musings on COVID-19 #2

Musings on COVID-19 #2

Many have been looking to God during this pandemic; will they continue to do so afterward? Or will they slowly turn back away from Him as they slowly return to the old “normal”? We’ve heard testimony from pastors who are seeing a higher number of individuals attending their online services than attended in person. Some of these new attendees may be watching because their home congregation is not doing online services. However, will those who are truly new show up when in-person services are permitted again? Will they continue to attend online, if the congregation they are watching continues online services in conjunction with in-person services?

Only time will tell. I hope and pray that I am wrong, but my “Doubting-Thomas” side says, “No, they will disappear into the woodwork until another crisis occurs”. My question for them is “what if you don’t have the opportunity to turn to God before the next crisis occurs nationally or personally and it costs you your life? Don’t say that it isn’t possible. Unfortunately, many in this world pass suddenly who have said, “Tomorrow I’ll commit to Jesus.” I am confident that many who died from COVID-19, died without the Lord as their Savior because they delayed the decision, fully expecting to recover. Besides, it isn’t just about being His disciple when you pass; it is also about having Him in your life today, to help you through crises in your life, major and minor.

If you are reading this and you have never made a decision to accept Jesus as your Savior, or if you made such a decision once but have grown cold towards Him, don’t delay another moment. It is simple, you don’t have to say or do anything special. You only need to tell Him, in your own words, that you are sorry for how you have lived, how you have ignored Him (that is called “repentance”), and that you accept Him as your Savior and want to make Him the Lord of your life. Then, start reading your Bible, find a congregation that supports your decision, and start learning how He wants you to live. When you make this decision to turn your life over to Jesus, or if you even have any questions, contact me by commenting on this post via my blog site. Provide your contact information and I will get in touch. Your personal information will be kept confidential.

Until the next time…“May the LORD bless you and watch, guard, and keep you; May the LORD make His face to shine upon and enlighten you and be gracious (kind, merciful, and giving favor) to you; May the LORD lift up His face toward you and give you peace (tranquility of heart and life continually).” (Numbers 6:24-26)



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