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Equality Act? In No Way Is It!

The “Equality Act” is about much, much more than biological males playing on biologically female sports teams and taking away their records and trophies. Read the following article by the Liberty Counsel to learn what else is involved.

Do you know what the “Q” in LGBTQ stands for? Read the following article and find out.

The “Equality Act” will make abortion a federal right and override every state law against the killing of innocent babies. Read the following article.

After reading the article, contact your senator, regardless of party, now and tell him or her to ensure that this act does not get passed into law. If you’ve already contacted them, do so again! Even contact Senators from other parts of your state – they represent you too.

(Do you get the idea that I want you to read the following article??)

In actuality, this act will further divide and have a negative effect on the LGBTQ community. Their lifestyle is blatantly against the Word of God, but He loves each of them as His creation and wants to help them, and so should all Yeshua-followers. However, don’t sit back and say that this act can never pass, that it can never happen in the USA! It will happen if we don’t stand up and be counted.

Until next time…“May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


(The following article was distributed by the Liberty Counsel Action and is quoted in its entirety. I am not soliciting funds for them but did include one of their links in fairness to them.)

Bride’s Dressing Room Invaded By Biological Man…

Mar 23, 2021

LGBTQ lobbyists want Americans to think objections to the misnamed “Equality Act” come from just a couple of teen girls missing out on a sports trophy. However, the actual cost of this bill is so, so much worse.

A beautiful young bride-to-be was thrilled to be picking out a wedding dress. She had saved herself for her husband for their special day, but unbeknownst to her, the wedding store was paying a biological male dressed as a woman to help ladies try on their dresses. Many modern wedding dresses are designed to be worn without even a bra. …

Wearing a mask and a dress, this man repeatedly undressed this bride, touching different parts of her body while helping her in and out of wedding dresses.

When she realized the person under the mask and dress was a man, she was horrified! She never wanted to be undressed before any man except her future husband.

When she complained, the wedding store owner said the store was required by law to treat the man as if he were a woman. My legal team is pursuing all available options against the store, but this story and many more will play out again and again if the misnamed “Equality Act” passes.

The battle in the Senate will be fierce, but we can win. —Mat

If the “Equality Act” passes the Senate, there will be very little we can do to stop the abuse—like this traumatized bride-to-be. Your daughter or granddaughter will be next. A crossdressing preschool teacher may help toddlers use the bathroom—or worse, a pedophile will have legal rights.

At any moment the Senate is in session, a single senator can ask to include the “Equality Act” in the budget vote. This circumvents the 60-vote filibuster to allow a simple majority.

Thankfully, this can be blocked. If one senator objects to this maneuver, then a full vote with the filibuster rule is required. We are working with senators to make sure the floor is covered every minute to object if needed.

California provided another example of how far this nonsense will go. California legislators introduced a bill to levy a $1,000 fine against any retail chain that separates clothing, toys or any product for boys and girls into gender-specific sections. Imagine trying to set up your store and being fined for organizing items according to your customers’ preference!

This insanity will sweep the country under the “Equality Act,” yet it will do so much more than affect your shopping habits.

I know it’s hard to believe, but the “Q” in LGBTQ comprises about 550 sexually deviate paraphilias—including pedophilia.

The activist group LGBTQ Nation states: “A queer definition … goes far beyond mere sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The “Q in LGBTQ can also signify other sexual orientations and gender identities not covered by the acronym’s preceding letters. If you’re gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, genderfluid, pansexual, asexual, solosexual or something else not covered by LGBT, the ‘Q’ has got you covered!”

And if this bill passes, you will not escape its reach!

The “Equality Act” will also make abortion a federal right, and EVERY STATE LAW will be preempted—including parental notification and consent, informed consent, and doctor regulations.

If we do not stand up right now, the “Equality Act” will bring persecution to churches and schools. It will silence truth and common sense!

WE MUST STOP THIS BILL! Send your fax to the Senate to stop the “Equality Act” from endangering people in our communities.

While there is nothing that can reverse the abuse of this young bride-to-be, you can make sure what happened to her does not spread nationally. We can stop this abuse from spreading if this bill is blocked.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stop the “Equality Act.”

From changing the minds of legislators on Capitol Hill to defending brides-to-be, my team can provide this hope and justice because of you and other faithful donors who give each month to allow us to fight—and win—these cultural battles all across our nation.

I appreciate your prayers and your support. Join our extended Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift right now. Support Liberty Counsel Action today.


Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action


H.R. 5. Equality Act of 2021. (2021, Feb). 117th Congress (2021-2022 Session).

Baker, G. (2021, Feb 27). California Bill Would Force Retail Stores to Use “Gender Neutral” Signage. Todd Starnes.

I Dare You…

In fact, I double-dare you…

If you think that the progressive agenda being promoted in the US is a good thing, I dare you to listen to the entire video below with an open mind. Heck, even if you think this agenda is not a good thing, but don’t really understand why not, then you will find it informative, as I did. BTW, “progressivism” is just another term for socialism.

The video is entitled The Resurgence of Socialism Today and is a talk given at Hillsdale College. (In other words, no conspiracy theories here.) You can read about Mrs. Strassel in the description accompanying the video.

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Psalm 140-141 For Today

In the past, when I have read Psalms such as Ps 140 and 141, I’ve asked myself, “Self, what does this have to do with you? It’s good to see David’s struggles and groanings as he sought the Lord’s protection, but they don’t apply to me.  I don’t have armies or evil men chasing me!” Or do I?

Actually, all Believers in Yeshua do! This hit me between the eyes this morning during my devotions. In Ps 140, David is asking for protection from wicked and violent men. At this time in history, we in the USA have evil and wicked men and women who plan to harm us. They spend their time planning and stirring up conflict (Ps 140:1-2). These people are inside and outside of our government. I submit that they have fallen under the spell of the antichrist spirit. Not the antichrist himself, but a spirit that is anti-God. This spirit wants to suppress Yeshua-followers and destroy America as it was originally founded to be–a nation that honors the Creator of the Universe.

These people may believe that what they are trying to accomplish is best. But they are blinded by their lust for power and control. How do we know that they have sold out to the anti-Christ spirit, even if unwittingly? Because they have announced plans to take action and implement laws and practices that are in direct opposition to the Word of God. These people are not just inside our government. Some of them may live next door to you. Your neighbor(s) may not be in “power,” so to speak, but they support the actions of those who are, or who think that they are, but we know that HaShem is really in control.

Now, I am confident that HaShem will protect His people, but let’s stop and pray together with David:

Father, we ask that You will not let these people have their way (Ps 140-6-9).  However, Father, we cannot ask with David that You throw them into the literal fire and into bottomless pits from which they cannot escape (Ps 140:10-11). Instead, we ask that You do whatever is necessary to thwart their plans. I also ask that, in the process, they will truly find Yeshua as Savior, give Him control of their lives, turn from their wicked, revengeful ways, and become instruments of healing in our land.

Father, we must also ask You to open the eyes and hearts of many true Yeshua-followers who are not responding in love to either their fellow believers or to those who plan to harm us and our country. Apparently, they have forgotten Yeshua’s command to love their neighbors as themselves because they are striking out verbally and physically in anger and revenge. If I have been guilty, I repent of my sin and pray that they will also repent of their sin. Help all of us to stand and act peacefully but boldly in love for Right. With Your help, mercy, and grace, this country will be turned back onto the correct path. Let all of us who call upon the name of Yeshua (that’s you and me) put Him first above even our political alliances.

Father, we echo David’s cry in Ps 141 and ask You to accept our prayers, guard our mouths, and give us the clarity of thought as only You can. May only Your words come out of our mouths and may we not have evil desires or respond in kind to those who desire to harm us. We desire that our words and actions will be a witness against their plans (Ps 141:5). Please provide Your protection from their snares (Ps 141:9). May we never surrender to them but demonstrate Your love rather than succumbing to their ways and tactics.

In the name of Yeshua, we pray.

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


Thank You Troublemakers

Thanks to those of you who went to DC intent on causing trouble, our Constitutional process was thwarted yesterday. I can’t blame the legislators who were trying to exercise Constitutional process for giving up in frustration. (Though I wish they had stood up to you instead of caving.) If you had allowed the demonstration to remain peaceful, as the majority desired, we may have seen a different outcome. Although it may have been the same, your self-centered, childish temper tantrum insured that we will never know!!

It is sad to see and, unfortunately, we haven’t seen the last of such actions on the part of a minority, most of whom are nothing more than paid hoodlums who only want the dirty money they are receiving from those who want to destroy the USA.

I am just thankful that I know the One who is ultimately in control. All who know Him must not give up! We must firmly stand up, peacefully with His love. We must not fret over the negative actions of man. When we do, we make our God very small and He is anything but!! May God have mercy on the USA!!!

Until next time, “may God bless you and give you His Shalom.”


Terrorists? Nothing But

We don’t think of them as terrorists, but they do fit the definition: “One who favors or uses terrorizing methods for the accomplishment of some object…” I’m referring to the BLM movement, Antifa, and similar groups who are now announcing their intent to arrive in a city to “demonstrate” for a cause. They don’t even have to show up and they’ve caused part of their purpose. Their announced arrival disrupts lives and businesses. The police and other first repsonders have their lives disrupted as they are put on alert and scheduled for extra shifts. This also costs taxpayer funds that could be better used. Store owners and residents in the target area have to interrupt their lives and spend money they may not have boarding up and protecting their property. Businesses lose money because they have to close. (This disruption of “normal” life sounds just like what the international terrorists have done with airline security, etc.).

Free speech, you say? I’m all for free speech that is peaceful. This is not peaceful and they are only using the First Amendment as a cover for their real goal — causing senseless chaos, enriching themselves through stealing, and wanton destruction of someone else’s, even their neighbor’s, property. And can their real intent be anything else, when they name the event “Night of Mischief and Philadelphia Solidarity March”, especially in light of what has occurred in Philadelphia?

Hmm, if they are “terrorists”, shouldn’t those who are arrested be treated the same as international terrorists? Probably not, but anyone who is arrested should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including making full restitution for the damage they have participated in, even if others were also responsible. Remember the day when the whole school class was “punished” for the actions of one or two because nobody would “rat” on them?

However, and this is an important point, as we pray for protection for our cities, we should also pray for the salvation of the perpetrators. We, and the Lord, may hate their actions, but He loves them and wants them in His family, and so should we! Let’s pray for the protection of our cities and that the intentions of the demonstrators in Raleigh, NC, and elsewhere, will be thwarted!

See also my related post on the reaction of the Mayor of Raleigh to requests for a curfew tonight, Nov 30.

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


Mayor Baldwin, What are You Thinking?

As of earlier today, the Mayor of Raleigh, Mary-Ann Baldwin, has no plans for instituting a curfew in view of the planned “protest” in Raleigh, NC tonight, Nov 30, 2020. The protest is named “Night of Mischief and Philadelphia Solidarity March”. The Raleigh Police Department has been handing out fliers alerting businesses and residents of the planned event, yet the Mayor, so far, is refusing to institute a curfew. I understand that business owners have requested one be instituted as of 8 pm tonight. An 8 pm curfew may not be possible, in light of the First Amendment. The march isn’t scheduled to start until 8:30 pm. However, because of the scheduled time, could the ultimate goal be anything else other than wanton destruction and looting? Don’t they require a permit? Who approved that start time?

Mayor Baldwin, your first responsibility is to protect your residents and business owners. They and the city have expended much time and money improving the downtown area and increasing downtown business traffic. Are you willing to let this all be destroyed? There needs to be a curfew, maybe 9 pm, to give the police extra authority should matters get out-of-hand, as is very likely. What would you say if all the residents and business owners stand, legally, at the edge of their property, legally armed, to protect their property? Would you spend more time going after them instead of the criminals/terrorists?

See my related post Terrorists? Nothing But.

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)



A vote for the Biden-Harris ticket is a vote for shedding innocent blood! They haven’t hidden their agenda on this issue. If you haven’t voted, please give serious consideration to this fact as you fill in the circle. I’ve read/heard of far too many who are voting based on personality. Personality doesn’t matter when life and death are at stake! And, by-the-way, you will be held accountable for those deaths through abortion–follower of Yeshua as well as non-follower of Yeshua.

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


R U in the 75%?

Are you part of the 75% of Yeshua-followers who do not vote? We should be ashamed of ourselves! We should have a 100% voting participation record. Voting is a right and a privilege in the USA and we should be exercising it to the fullest. We will never see a change in the direction of our beloved country if we don’t participate in its government — and everyone who is eligible to vote can participate by voting!

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


Home Stretch

We’ve rounded turn 4 for the final lap and we’re coming down the home stretch to the finish line! What finish line? Nov. 3rd, of course! Have you voted? If you are a follower of Yeshua, have you and are you still praying for God’s will to be accomplished, even if you have already voted? After the election, will you continue praying for the winners, regardless of who they are or their party affiliation, that they will lead in justice and mercy according to Biblical values?

As Nov. 3rd fast approaches, we can’t let our guard down. We must remain steadfast in prayer. I hope that you are praying for His choices to be elected. I hope that you made or are making, your choices based on what the Bible says, not what man thinks. To assist in your prayers, I’m including the Top Ten Prayer Points from Intercessors for America*.

  • Pray for more of God’s Presence to be experienced in your community and our nation. (Ps 16:11; 2 Cor 3:17)
  • Pray for the [Body of Believers] to see the need to repent of personal and national sins in the fear of the Lord. (2 Chron 7:14; 1 Jn 1:9; Prov 9:10)
  • Pray for believers to unite in prayer to seek God for their nieghborhoods and communities. (1 Tim 2:1-2)
  • Pray for godly candidates to be elected, regardless of party affiliation. (Ps 96:10; Ps 1:1-3)
  • Pray for administrators, legislators, and judges to serve in a way that aligns with God’s word. (Ps 19:7-11, Prov 3:5)
  • Pray for the elections to be fair, honest, and without corruption. (Prov 16:13)
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit convicts many who do not know [Jesus] as their Savior, leading them to seek Him as [Savior and] Lord. (1 Tim 2:4)
  • Pray for divine protection over our nation during the critical upcoming elections [and beyond]. (Prov 3:5; Ps 91)
  • Pray that those candidates who know [Yeshua] would openly and courageously speak of their faith and stand firm on their biblical principles. (Mt 5:13-16)
  • Pray that [followeres of Yeshua] across the nation will persist in seeking God’s purpose for America beyond the elections, and that God, in His mercy, will usher in transforming [and lasting] revival. (Ezek 37; Ps 42:1)

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


* ifapray.org

Withering America

“A disease that lies in the spirit cannot be cured by that which doesn’t”*

We have been watching America wither away morally and spiritually for many years. The politicians are campaigning that they will fix everything–“they”, not God! At least I haven’t heard any say that God would do the fixing, the curing. As Jonathan Cahn said in his recent book, “A spiritual disease cannot be answered by cures rooted in other realms, political cures, economic cures, ideological cures. No such cure can stop the withering. A spiritual disease can only be answered by a spiritual cure.”*

Are those of us who follow Yeshua willing to pay the price to obtain that cure? God is the source of that cure, but it starts with each of us. In our hearts, yes, but also in the way we live openly for Yeshua!  It will require spending significant time on our knees beseaching God! It will require standing up publically against the antichrist forces that want to see the US continue to wither! And, it will require the dedication of every believer–there is so much that needs changed in our personal lives, the “church”, our government,  and our nation in general.

Where, oh where do you start? If you haven’t voted, do so according to scripture, not according to your pocketbook or the personality of the candate. Once you’ve voted, find ways in your daily life to blatantly live out your faith. Doing so with love for your fellow man, regardless of his views, but being strong and forthright about the truth!

Until next time…”May the LORD bless and protect you…May He give you Shalom.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

* Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger II, Charisma House

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